ShopAmericascup - Exchange, sent wrong item, can't resolve

Petaluma, California 0 comments

I ordered a sweatshirt in women's size Large for my daughter for Christmas. It was too small. She wanted a men's size Medium. My husband also wanted the same sweatshirt in men's Large. I called the 800 number and got what sounded like an answering service that did not have a clue what I wanted and hung up on me. So, if it was going to be that difficult, I decided not to order my husband's sweatshirt at this time and just take care of the exchange.

I used the form enclosed with the order to do the return. I wrote in big letters to send me the MEN'S size Medium. It is a different item number but the jackets are the same brand and look identical. I assumed, incorrectly, that they would know their product well enough to look up the product number and send me the correct jacket. They sent a Women's size Medium.

So I called the 800 number at 1 PM PST and they told me that they couldn't help me I'd have to call back during business hours, but they never told me what the business hours were, nor could I find the business hours on the web site. I took an earlier lunch and called back the next day at 11 AM. After almost 30 minutes, I still did not have a resolution. I was repeatedly put on hold without warning. I had to repeat the item number, problem, order number, etc over and over. I don't feel I should have to pay to send this jacket back when they sent me the wrong one. As my lunch hour had run out, I finally had to say, just give me a full refund, this isn't worth my time.

Worst customer service ever. It felt as if they had never done a return.

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